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How do I know which Work Experience program to 
enroll in?

Use the chart below to see which course fits your current career and educational status. Concurrent enrollment in OCED 090 and 091 or any other Work Experience type of course is not allowed. No restrictions for OCED 070/071.

Occupational Work Experience

OCED 090


General Work Experience

   OCED 091        



Soft Skills

OCED 070



Portfolio Development

OCED 071

Job related to Declared Major Job not related to Major No employment required No employment required   
Earn 1-6 units per semester. Earn 1-4 units per semester 1.5 units 1.5 units 
Student may take up to 16 units total over multiple semesters* Student may take up to 6 units total over multiple semesters* Not repeatable. Not available to students who previously completed OCED 101. Not repeatable.
12 and 8 week traditional sections attend weekly 1 hour classroom seminar, submit required paperwork, complete required hours. 8 week online sections only 8 week online sections only

Full Semester Online* sections available.
*NOTE: Online sections require a one time in-person orientation normally held the first Friday evening and Saturday afternoon of the semester. Please re-arrange your schedule accordingly as this in person meeting is mandatory.

Spring 2016 Orientation Schedule for Online OCED Students

Choose to attend one of the following meetings. Both will be held on the Fairfield campus in Building 1800 room 1818. 
1. Friday, January 15  6-8 pm
2. Saturday, January 16  12-2 pm


1 unit = 75 hours paid work per semester    
1 unit = 60 hours unpaid internship or volunteer work per semester    
Currently employed (paid or unpaid) for a licensed business in the public or private sector.